The Flanders’ Bike Valley wind tunnel is a unique, independent, low speed wind tunnel designed specifically for cyclists and the cycling industry, where aerodynamic drag and turbulence can be measured for manufacturers, product developers, and athletes. A purpose-built wind tunnel can lead to higher overall accuracy and repeatability than the those built for aeronautics, aviation, motorsports, or other scientific research.

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General specifications:

  • -Open circuit wind tunnel (~50m in length)
  • -Maximum wind speed 30m/s (108km/h)
  • -Test section 2.5m x 2.5m x 6.5m (two cyclists in succession can be tested)
  • -Wind tunnel design allows for high level of laminar flow, which leads to very accurate and repeatable results
  • -Test platform easily accessible for subjects as well as analysts
  • -Possibility to shield test platform for confidentiality reasons


Aero fit offerings open for everyone (from amateur to pro athletes)!

  • Basic Aero Fit: Frontal surface optimization, 0,5h, 125 euro (excl VAT)
  • Standard Aero Fit: State-of-the-art wind tunnel test, full drag force optimization, 1h, 500 euro (excl VAT)
  • Premium Pro Aero Fit: Premium Bike Fit, Extensive wind tunnel testing, Track testing, 3days, 6000 euro (excl VAT) 


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Advanced testing options:

  • -Balance measuring system to determine weight and drag forces up to 0,1N
  • -3D dynamic bike-fitting system able to visualize asymmetry in motion
  • -Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) system to visualize velocity and direction of the air
  • -3D machined dummy of cyclists can made for sustained or laser measurements
  • -Broad capabilities for low speed aerodynamic testing (sports tools, clothes, drones, and so on)


Download a whitepaper on the flow quality, repeatability and accuracy of the FBV wind tunnel

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The wind tunnel can be visited as part of the Bike Valley Experience Tour or just as a stand-alone entry. Please visit for tickets and more info. For more information on booking and/or scheduling a visit, please contact Bert Celis (