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Welcome Pedal Plate!

New member Pedal Plate introduces compact solution to adapt pedals for use with all types of shoes


Many of us own beautiful road bikes, that we don’t use as often as we want to. That’s a shame. The Pedal Plate is a simple solution for you to convert your road bikes pedals for use with normal shoes for commuting, short rides or holidays.  “In my case irritation led to inspiration” explained Marc van der Heide, who got annoyed by the hassle of taking an extra pair of shoes and changing them each time when using his road bike.  “It should be possible to use your road bike more often with a simple solution”.

The Pedal Plates prove that innovation doesn’t have to be complex. A Pedal Plate is a one-piece-adapter that is easy to insert and release. “In all its simplicity it’s the only available solution that is light, compact and you don’t need (to purchase) additional cleats. That way you don’t have a bulky style-breaker on your bike and the pedals won’t hang upside down. Keeping it simple also keeps it affordable.” according to Marc.

The focus is now on the Pedal Plates for both the Shimano SPD-SL and the Look Keo pedal systems. I became a member of BikeValley this summer and even though it is quite a long ride back the Aero bar to home, I hope to be present on a regular basis and look forward to meeting the other members there.

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Website: / Contact:  Marc van der Heide / +31(0) 657023466/

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