Smart Bike is a collaboration project (VIS – Vlaams Innovatie Samenwerkingsverband) together with the electronics and ICT cluster DSP Valley.

The project started in april 2015 and is supported by the flemish government and focuses on sharing knowledge, partner matching, co-creation and open innovation around electronics and ICT within the cycling sector.

Within the project currently (october 2017) more than 30 collaboration opportunities have been identified, which resulted in 12 concrete projects, which lead to already 6 products in the market. Flanders’ Bike Valley and DSP Valley support the whole traject from detecting opportunities and idea generation until launch on the market. Up to now this resulted in two Smart Bike related AWARDS granted by the sector.

If you want to join this project, please subscribe to one of the next Smart Bike Events:

Underneath a poster explaining the project and the demonstrator which has been built on a race bike (built-in CPU and communicating with Lazer Lifebeam)


The Smart Bike Literature study (attached) underneath explains the possibilities and different Smart Bike applications already on the Market.

Downloaden (PDF, 2.91MB)