Flanders, the cyclist’s Silicon Valley

25 nov 2015 | Source: Trends + Flanders Investment & Trade Agency newsletter

Flanders is taking up a leading role in cutting-edge bicycle technology with Flanders’ Bike Valley: an open innovation center for the cycling industry. On 1 April 2016, the center will open its own incubator, called BikeVille. Flanders is among Europe’s leading regions in bicycle ownership and use. “You have to innovate close to the early adopters,” says Bike Valley’s CEO and co-founder Bert Celis. “And that’s exactly what recreation cyclists in Flanders are.”

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    Marc Van den Steen says

    Congratulations with a great article in Trends. The Flanders’ Bike Valley ecocluster is a model for open innovation. Creating knowledge together is the future. I am curious to see which industries will be your followers.

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