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Flanders’ Bike Valley welcomes 3 new members in “the valley”.

FBV is delighted to announce 3 new memberships 15-09-04_Logo Kipando :

  1. Kipando (Hasselt)

Kipando helps increasing the availability of bicycles with a solution consisting of three components: a smartphone app, a smart bike lock and an online management platform. More info on Website Kipando



15-09-04_Logo Orakel2. Orakel (Retie)

Orakel is specialized in manufacturing and supplying all your big events and organisational           requirements as bicycle arm and leg bibs/numbers, wristbands, tokens, badges, lanyards, vouchers etc.  More info on Website Orakel


15-09-24_logo-wcup3. W-Cup (Paal-Beringen)

W-Cup developed since many years high-level sport, energy and recovery drinks + energy and protein bars and shakes + supplements.

More info on Website W-Cup

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