With the support of LRM, BikeVille is the latest addition to Limburg’s growing fleet of incubators. BikeVille aims to support 30 startups or spin-offs of companies related to cycling, be it national or international. Our position – both physically and figuratively – in the industry gives the incubating companies access to the rich cycling knowledge in the heart of Belgium. BikeVille is surrounded by stalwarts and influencers of the Belgian cycling industry. We want our members to exploit this opportunity and grow in this fertile space.


In addition to the state of the art office spaces, BikeVille has meeting areas, a convention hall, concept store and a topsport restaurant. The building houses a wind-tunnel in a first of its kind setup in the cycling industry. The façade of the building has 15 golden windows, representing the golden ideas in the open innovation process which flows through the building. Combining this modernity with symbolism, the BikeVille building itself can also be entered in the future on a bike by a cycling bridge, thus incorporating the spirit of cycling in every way.

We expect to host around thousands of visitors every year – investors, venture capitalists, tourists and decision makers of the industry. BikeVille would also be the venue for conferences and summits in the sports and cycling sector. You can make a reservation for a guided tour/visit at the webpage of the guides from City Beringen, click on : Guided tour by Beringen City guides

For more information about office space and rentals, please contact Bert Celis (bert.celis@flandersbikevalley.be) or Nore Dykmans (nore.dykmans@flandersbikevalley.be). We hope to hear from you soon!

BikeVille Incubator N.V. – Tervantstraat 2 b – B-3583 Beringen – BTW : BE0598.721.117 – Tel : +32 (0)11.730.110