111_Marc Hufkens - Trends Business Tour 2015

Marc Hufkens

Marc has more than 25 years experience in the bicycle & sporting goods industries and as chairman of Flanders’ Bike Valley he takes also the role as communication & event manager and spokesman for Flanders’ Bike Valley. Marc is chairman of the Board of Directors ¬†for Flanders’ Bike Valley.  


Bert Celis

Bert has extensive knowledge of innovation and project management for breakthrough projects in industry. He will follow-up all projects within Bike Valley and welcomes all new open innovation initiatives and ideas from the biking sector.   Mobile: +32 497.57.59.59  


Harm Ubbens

Harm is the wind tunnel engineer who is responsible for the wind tunnel testing campaigns. With an MSc. title in Aerospace Engineering he is the aerodynamic expert within Flanders’ Bike Valley.


Nore Dykmans

Nore (+32 472 62 05 66) is one of the first faces of the company you will meet, as she oversees the reception area. She coordinates all communication between companies in our incubator and plays a key role in event management and organization. Nore has an education in psychology.


Line Deckers

Guy De Bruyne

Guy De Bruyne

Guy is currently the research¬†manager for Lazer and within Flanders’ Bike Valley he will take the role as Scientific Director and will advice the Management Board regarding science and technology.